Purple Pashion Bracelets!

Everyone knows how much I love jewelry and supporting black women! Over the summer, I was introduced to Purple Pashion jewelry. She is a locally based superstar who creates the most beautiful and creative jewelry pieces.

I am very indecisive with choosing my jewelry pieces. It is personal because it helps to shape my desired look. After careful consideration, I chose a chunky silver charm that seemed to it almost be made for me. There was a credit card for shopping, Volkswagen Beetle (which my mom drives), and eyeglasses. I had a few charm bracelets growing up and loved them. The cool thing about this is that the bracelet is elastic to slip on and off my arm. There are also silver beads between the charm for a fuller look. My friend Jennifer also purchased a neutral set of bracelets that can be worn separately or together as a set.

I received so many compliments, that I knew I wanted more. During the holiday season, Purple Pashion was offering discounted prices and free shipping. I found a set with iridescent purple beads and adorned with a gold leaf and gems hanging from the bracelets. When I received my bracelets, I was impressed with the beauty and weight of the bracelets. I like to know that my jewelry is on my arm.

My thrifting fashion friends are the best. We get together to exchange fashion tips, eat good food and of course, shop. We usually get together for holidays and I knew I wanted to give each woman a piece that matches their personalities. Lydia is the shoe queen and I am convinced she wears heels for grocery shopping. Pam is a fellow jewelry love and her favorite color is purple. Finally Sharon's set has the phrase Darling You Are Fabulous which she always says. During our Sunday brunch, I gave each diva her bracelets and they loved them!

Purple Pashion has something for everybody. Follow her on social media for local popups or shop her website!

Purple Pashion

Website: https://purplepashion.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/purplepashion603/?hl=en

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