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Customizing Your Doc Martens!

Every since I fell in love with Doc Martens a few months ago, I haven't stopped wearing them! Unfortunately the laces from my favorite studded pair got messed up. I headed to the website to find replacement laces and discovered a world I never knew.

There were multiple colors, textures and prints of Doc Martens laces available. Surprisingly, shoelaces were less expensive than I thought. Each pair were between $4-$5! Thankfully, there is a merchant store about 30 minutes away in historic Georgetown. I headed there with the idea of only buying a replacement pair of laces. When I arrived there were tons of choices and I am the most indecisive person. There were hearts, ribbons, dots and more there. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with the possibilities!

I found thick satin ribbon laces that would bring a more feminine appeal to my rocker boots. I also found a cool pair with "Dr. Martens" written in bright yellow that would stand out on my patent leather boots and compliment the yellow stitching in the sole. Before I left, I knew I had to contact Towanda to see if she wanted a new laces. When I sent her the picture, she couldn't believe the variety either. She also wanted black ribbon laces for her boots.

The following day, I decided to rock my patent leather Docs to work. It’s been bitterly cold in DC, so flannel has been the way to go for me. A simple flannel Men’s button shirt and fitted velour pants kept me warm. The shirt had a bit of yellow which complimented my new laces.

I can’t wait to rock my studded Docs with ribbon laces and I’m sure it is coming soon. If you ever get bored with your Docs, jazz them up with fresh laces!

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