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Hot Milkshake!

A hot milkshake? Sounds crazy, but so delicious. Last weekend, I went home to visit my family for the long weekend. My mother heard about this mysterious hot milkshake last year, however it was only available during the winter. This year, we knew we had to make our way to Franklin Fountain.

We ventured up to Philly Aids Thrift, our favorite Philadelphia area consignment shop, Saturday evening. It's always an adventure and never know what we may find. During this trip, I found an authentic camo coat for only $16! We also discovered a small burger and salad spot called Made to Order, where you are able to customize your meal.

As we entered the fountain, the line was almost flowing out of the door. Mind you, it was around 30 degrees, yet everyone was screaming for ice cream. My mom ordered the hot peanut butter brownie fudge and I ordered the toasted marshmallow malt. In anticipation, we waited for almost 10 minutes. When we finally got our milkshakes, we wouldn't believe it. Each milkshake was packed with ice cream and goodies. My mom's shake was overflowing with peanut butter and pieces of brownie. She is in love at first sip!

My milkshake's cup was lined with bittersweet chocolate and topped with a giant marshmallow and a chocolate dipped graham cracker. As other patrons were ordering, they stopped in their tracks to look and ask what we ordered. I am not a big sweets person, but the flavor of the sweet vanilla ice cream and marshmallow balanced with the bittersweet chocolate. We finished our milkshakes and left full and satisfied.

Franklin Fountain is a Philly treasure with the most delicious sweet creations. I can't wait to visit in the spring and summer for sweet treats!

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