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Quarantine Meals on A Budget from Aldi Foods!

Who else has been trying their best to be creative while being quarantined during the Coronavirus? As a foodie and someone who loves to cook, I welcome the idea of cooking at home. However, my current challenge is finding meals that easy, require minimum ingredients and is somewhat healthy.

A few weeks ago, my bestie was telling me about the low carb pizza crisps she has been loving. They seemed very easy, and I was ready to try them. However, I had a few bagels in my kitchen, which turned into pizza bagels. My mom used to buy frozen pizza bagels (I'm showing my age) when me and my little brother were younger. However, this version was fresher and bigger. It was so simple. I spread store bought tomato sauce, added a slice of mozzarella cheese and a few pepperonis. I put the bagel on a baking sheet and baked for 8-10 minutes. Because I'm extra, I put the bagel under the broiler on high for a few seconds so the cheese would bubble. It was so good and so easy to make. The ingredients and prices are below from Aldi:

Brioche Bagels: $2.99

Mozzarella Cheese: $1.79

Pepperoni: $2.99

I was in need for raw veggies in my system by today, but I knew I didn't want to eat a salad. As I was staring in my fridge, I found an Asian salad kit, cucumber and wild caught salmon fillets. It all came together to put my salad in a spinach tortilla to make it not feel like a salad. I defrosted the individually wrapped salmon and seasoned with lemon pepper and sautéed in a frying pan. As the salmon cooked, I opened the salad kit and cut up cucumber for extra crunch. I added both the salmon and salad to the tortilla with feta cheese and wrapped it all up. I can't describe how delicious my wrap was.

Asian Salmon Salad Wrap

Salad Kit: $2.89

Frozen Salmon Fillet: $3.99

Feta Cheese: $1.99

Spinach Tortilla: $1.99

This experience has taught me to become more creative with a few ingredients. Remember that it all takes a little imagination and creativity!

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