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Upcycled Earring Armoire!

Hello my name is Amber and I love earrings! I am not sure when my obsession with earrings started, but I am sure it intensified when I cut my locs back in 2006. My mother, who is always my compass, instructed me to keep my eyebrows arched and a cute pair of earrings on my ears with a short cut. Almost 15 years later, my collection of earrings have grown.

A few weeks ago before COVID-19 quarantine became very serious, I found an amazing standing jewelry armoire as part of Fia's home decor section of the store. I call it a baby TJMaxx, because there are so many unique finds that are in amazing condition. The piece was in great condition with a few slight scratches, which never bothers me. I see them as character and love from the previous owner.

The feature that made my decision to the various hooks inside of it. Over the years, I have gotten into buying lots of hoop earrings of various sizes. The spacing between the hooks that are most likely dedicated for necklaces will be used for more hoops.

My mom suggested that I paint the armoire for a more personalized look. My friend, Ronessa and I, ventured to Lowes last weekend for spray paint and flowers for her garden. I picked up rose gold glitter spray paint. Mind you, this was my first time using spray paint and did not realize that a base color would make the glitter come through better. Nevertheless, I kept the white color and added a bit of texture and sparkle of rose gold. I am pleased with the effect of the glitter.

Last night, I began to place my earrings inside and discovered the different shapes and patterns. My goal is to keep one side of the armoire clear because I am sure new earrings will be purchased.

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