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Blogging During A Pandemic!

I have missed y'all in these past weeks! Even though, I have been teleworking and trying to adjust to "this new normal", it has become increasingly difficult to blog for me.

To be completely transparent, I suffered through getting used to work becoming home and vice versa. In the past, I was able to leave work at work and home was sacred. Now my couch and side table has become my desk and chair. I found myself trying to complete way after work hours because my laptop was available.

However, staying at home has not all been terrible; I came up with creative ways to keep me going during this time.

Amber's Closet Sale

We all know I have access of clothes and shoes. Last year when I was packing up my summer clothes, I put the clothes I wasn't wearing in bins to be sold on Poshmark. However, I figured that I could have a closet sale to my Instagram followers to offer items, many gently used or with tags attached, for as low as $5! It was a huge hit and taught me about conducting my own business.

Eating Salads

I do love salads, but I have to be in the mood for them. However, during this time I discovered Tabitha Brown, who is a hilarious Southern vegan that makes veggies fun. Because of her, I found myself buying more fresh vegetables, such as avocados and tomatoes. She even seasons her salad instead of using dressing. My current favorite is Italian seasoning, celery seed, olive oil and salt and pepper. I have also used balsamic vinegar as a tangy alternative.

Distressing T-shirt

A few nights ago, I could not sleep. Instead of stare at the ceiling, I did what any normal person would do; start distressing a t-shirt. I found a cool tutorial on YouTube and got scissor happy. I used an old t-shirt and began cutting. The slits came out perfectly and I can’t wait to rock it with some biker shorts when outside opens back up.

Fresh Flowers

I’ve always loved fresh flowers. It reminds me of my grandmother who would always have a vase of carnations or eucalyptus around her house. Since I’ve been spending more time at home, I have invested in fresh flowers from Trader Joe’s. My apartment has been filled with calla lilies, mums and eucalyptus throughout my apartment.

I hope that you all are handling this pandemic as well as you can. Find creative ways to keep yourself together and in a good mood!

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