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The Importance of A Girl Gang!

Over the past few months, it has become easy to be lonely and depressed. With everything going in the world, having a bit of excitement can make all the difference. My thrifting buddies decided to get together virtually once a week to discuss all things fashion and catch up. Our conversations were held on Zoom or Facebook messenger. Little did I know, what impact our weekly "meet-ups" would have on me. I learned so much about each woman and even more about myself. We created a safe place to be vulnerable and uphold each other.

We would have happy hour and include our favorite beverage while we chatted. The topics began with fashion and how each of us were surviving during the pandemic. As the weeks went by and our group got stronger, it gave me a sense of a sisterhood. We even had standing agenda items, including that we bought online over the week and did have a swap full of clothes and accessories. We would meet up on Sundays and exchange our goods. Now my girls know how to show off. Each gift was wrapped and included a personalized note card. The security guard at my apartment would wonder where I went shopping because I would come in with various bags and outside was closed.

As our relationship grew, we even were able to get together to celebrate one of our girlfriend’s birthday. Each of us bought gifts, flowers, balloons and food to celebrate our girl. Now I found myself looking forward to the weekend just to talk to my girls and meet up We, of course, took proper precautions by sitting 6 feet apart and wore fashionable masks. We even had porch parties on Sunday afternoons with homemade cocktails. They really are dope!

As outside begins to re-open back up; I will admit that I am a little sad. I tried to find the beautiful things of quarantine. I rediscovered how much I loved music while dancing to D-Nice, DJ MOS and Kiss the DJ. I also cooked new meals that were wholesome and colorful. Lastly I have discovered how much I love these ladies. My hope is that our bond will stay strong and continue to be there for each other. I encourage each women to have a girl gang because we need each other!

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