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Mix-N-Match Closet Sale!

Hi Everyone! I have missed you all, but I have also been working hard behind the scenes during the past few weeks. It has been a passion and dream of mine to begin offering wardrobe services, such as closet revamps, fashion styling and closet sales and I finally started it!

Introducing Mix-N-Match, which embodies all those things and more! The name was chosen because of my last name (Mixson) and my love for things that are secondhand and might not necessarily go together to the everyday eye. During these COVID days, I would go through my closet and pull items that could be loved by someone else. I would normally use Poshmark, but I did not have a printer for the shipping labels. After many motivating words from friends, I decided to have my 1st closet sale. These items or methods helped me to be successful.

Plus Size Mannequin

Last year during the holidays, I bought a size 16 mannequin. I have always wanted one and caught a great sale while Dress Barn stores were closing. My original thought for her was to stage daily outfits so I know how they would look on my body. However, it helped with showing how certain items would hug curves on the body without having me try everything on myself.

Shipping Time and Packaging

As an avid shopper, I appreciate when items are shipped quickly and beautifully. When orders started to pour in, I raced out to find bright tissue paper and thank you cards. Each package includes a personalized hand-written card expressing my appreciation for being a customer. Sales are held each Sunday and I am skipping to the post office by mid-day Monday. After orders are shipped, each person receives their tracking number and the sale is complete. Local deliveries are also receive a stylish bags and their items within the week.

I am excited to see where Mix-N-Match goes and the adventures I will discover on the way!


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