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2021 Thrifting Tips!

Happy New Year!

It is all about the thrill of finding unique items that bring me so much joy during thrifting. However, there is strategy in all activities including thrifting. Check out my top thrift tips for 2021.

Shop All Sizes

I am a proud plus size woman who loves my curves. However, through thrifting, I have learned that I can wear a medium to a 3X. Sizing in different brands vary, so do not get caught up in thinking that just because an item is a certain size doesn't mean it won't fit you. Additionally, be aware that vintage clothing will fit differently. Many years ago, women didn't have the curves that we possess, so finding vintage items isn't always easy.

Shop Strategically

Thrift shopping is great because items are inexpensive compared to brand new items. Sometimes, you are even lucky to find items that are new with tags attached. However, you don't have to buy the entire store at once. I am guilty of trying to buy it all because items are as low as $1. Be specific in your search to not get caught up in all the magical items available. If you see it in the thrift store and you're an avid thrifter, chances are, you will find it again.

Be Consistent

One of the questions that I am always asked is how do I find such great items while thrifting. Lots of people have said that they go thrifting once and don't find anything. My simple answer is to be consistent. Stores, such as Goodwill are always accepting donations on a daily basis. There are always new items being added to the racks. My favorite day to go to Goodwill is Sundays because they have a color of the week sale. Items with the colored barb are 50% off the sale price. I challenge myself to buy items that only have the colored barb or tag. This also cuts down on the items that I purchase.

The last tip is the best one. Have fun while thrifting. You never know what treasures you will find!

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