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Aldi's Best Products....Candles!

I'll just say it...I love Aldi! You can find me browsing the aisles at least twice a week discovering new items and grabbing weekly favorites like blackberries, frozen chicken wings and pineapple wine. There's always great sales each week. Months ago, I discovered their 3 wick candles which are amazing, which can be found in the Aldi Finds aisle with the limited edition items.

If you love a Bath and Body Works 3 wick candles, you will be head over heels for these candles. They come in interesting scents like Blackberry Mint Mimosa, Rosewater Sangria and Lavender Mascarpone. My girlfriends came over for our monthly dinners I host and lit the candle. After burning for a few hours and great conversations, one of my friends asked where I got the great smelling candle and I mentioned Aldi. They couldn't imagine it, and just knew it came from Bath and Body Works. The biggest surprise was the cost. These amazing candles are just $3.99!

After I realized how amazing they were, I ran to Aldi for more. Unfortunately other people caught on the candle craze because each market I found from VA to MD were all sold out. Each week, I would peek to see any candles and would sometimes get lucky, which I did at times. I began to notice that the scents were seasonal and change every few weeks because each time I found some candles, they were a totally new batch.

The pandemic has allowed me to enjoy my space and now I never go a day without lighting a candle as a form of self-care. Run to your local Aldi store, but don't get mad if they are all sold out. A little bird (Aldi employee) told me that the new shipment comes in every Tuesday! It's our little secret!

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