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Lidl Too Good To Waste Produce!

A few days ago, I visited Lidl for my weekly grocery shopping and picked up a few of my favorites, including Mediterranean salmon, heavy whopping cream and lemon sparkling water. However, there was a different section that caught my eye.

There is a section of the produce section called "Too Good To Waste". It features pieces of produce that are a little bruised, but still good for consumption. The loose produce is mixed and comes in small boxes and the best part is the boxes are priced at 30 cents per pound! Now I have seen it before, but there are never any boxes left and now I see why. I found one box that was full of onions, Yukon gold potatoes and bell peppers. There was hardly any bruises or damage, which was great. I continued my shopping and went toward the check out. My friendly cashier even commented that the boxes are a great deal. The box contained 5 lbs of produce and cost less than 2 bucks! I was speechless. After checkout, I went back into the store and found another box with more potatoes and bell peppers. The second box rang up to one dollar! I could think about all the different salads and potatoes I could make using this nearly perfect produce.

If you ever come across any Too Good To Waste boxes in Lidl’s produce section, sprint to them and then the checkout. You will won’t be disappointed and save money. I call that a win!

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