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Today's Newest Fashion Accessory....Masks!

Everyone's life changed nine months ago, due to COVID-19. Never in a million years, would I think we would be required to stand six feet apart and not enjoy events, such as concerts, festivals or even church. The biggest change was adjusting to wearing a face mask in public setting. Not only were they uncomfortable, but covered up my best smile and dimples!

However, we have adapted over time and face masks have become our newest accessory. I have found myself complimenting people on the fabric or witty sayings displayed across their faces. One of my friends, Pam, supplied my girl gang with endless amounts of face masks with great sayings. I have many masks, but one of my favorites reads " I Know Everything Happens For A Reason, but WTF." It gets plenty of stares from others and always bring a smile to my face. As much as I love the sayings, the black cotton masks can become too warm after long periods of times and I wanted an alternative.

During my latest trip to NYC, my friends found ourselves wondering around Ann Taylor Loft. As we were checking out, I found packs of face masks at the register. They were priced at $10 for a pack of three and looked a bit dressier than my standard masks. I figured I could use them for more formal COVID-19 events, as social distancing is here to stay for a bit. A few days later, I tried the new mask and have never looked back. The material is a light cotton similar to your favorite button down blouse and can be worn for hours. Since they are cotton and reusable, I wash my masks with antibacterial soap every night and hang to dry. I love these masks so much, I even purchased a few sets for my mom.

I have seen a variety of masks for all occasions. They can be customized or even adorned with sequins or glitter. If we have to wear them, we might as well be fashionable. Make your mask a part of your outfit and rock it with pride and style!

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